Looking for inspiration or references?

Every link leads to a random reference. Resources stay the same for 24 hours, then change. No analysis paralysis, no procrastination.

Other artist's art

Get a random piece of art from DeviantArt Partly shattered marble bust Human figure made from flowers
Show a random old painting Cutout from The Milkmaid


Get a random singer-songwriter Harry Styles Human heart model
Show me a portrait
Gimme a hand Hand cutout
Get the artist's worst enemy (feet)
Pose (Yoga Asana)

Motives and motifs

Find a movie still frame
(minor spoilers & mild NSFW possible)
Random animal!
Show a landscape photo
Attain arbitrary architecture Pagoda Hundertwasser building

Technical stuff

Get a car blueprint Miata Blueprint
Get a spicy car Opel Kadett Forza Horizon 4 Screenshot


Get a Nikon's Small World 2022 entry
Make a random sound Erik Satie

Other sources

these do not follow the 24h scheme, it's just stuff from around the net.

Get a completely random stock photo
Magatsu Random Art Prompt Generator
Random Oblique Strategy
International style villa Robot from collage speechbubble paint line from paint roller cutout of grass field